Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yesterday's Post Today!

I'm not as behind as it would appear. I'm actually right on track with some projects!! Even the bears are nearly finished and ready for posting!! I know, I know. Finally!! It's been a really productive week in spite of my master bedroom painting detour.

Here are a few of my latest treasures. As I mentioned before, I finally found a petite chandelier for one of the guestrooms. Yay!! Another project almost done!! Isn't it funny how you can hunt and hunt for a particular item for months and not find it and then all in one day you find three of the same item?! That's what happened with our big clam shell hunt. Nothing for months and then three in one day!! The first one we found was $69.00. Be bought it. The second was $32.00. We bought it too. The last one was $19.00 and it was full of other shells. Now why couldn't we have found the last one first and stopped there. Oiy!!

Other great deals included the dressform, a fabulously large mirror and lots of paper ephemera for my art charms. My favorite items though were artist made from paper and odd bits. The first is the paper purse made by Martha Kohley. It's pictured hanging on an old wood picture frame in the second picture. Is that cool or what? My second favorite item isn't pictured. It's a tall paper crown made by Cindy Dockins. One of my bears has already spirited it away. I'm sure it will probably show up in another post along the way!

Don't forget, if you're in the Portland area, the Oregon City Antique Faire is on Sunday!!

Warmest bear hugs for a lovely weekend!! Aleta


FrostingsNSparkles said...

Your pictures are drool worthy, as always, Aleta!! Sounds like you have been one busy girl!

Vee said...

Just out of curiosity...does that little paper purse actually open?

what a haul Aleta.... !

Wendy said...

More great finds, Aleta! Nice!!!

Teddy Bear Giraffe said...

Hello! Are there any Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals around here? Just wonderin' ...