Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm working.....really, I am!!

Oh, where to begin? I know....the beginning. Well, I don't have pictures for the beginning so I'll start at the end and work backwards. Confused yet? Ha!

Yesterday was the Lake Oswego Antique Faire. You know I had to go. It is work related afterall. (wink, wink!) The weather was miserably misty. Not at all normal for August. It didn't seem to deter avid antique junkies though!! The faire opened at 8am and, by 8:30 people were hauling their treasures to their vehicles!!

Have you noticed that I always take pictures of the pink and white vendor booths? Imagine that!! My favorite booth was Adorn. It's three gal pals joining their talents to present painted furniture and decorative accessories. Pretty, pretty stuff!! I walked away with that lovely pink walk shelf for my studio. An otherwise rather plain shelf, the added rosette wreath in cream adds just the right detail without going over the top. Love it!!

Another "gotta have it", the old architectural pillars. Funny story about those. The pillars stand over six feet tall and are 13 inches across!! We didn't bring the truck. We should know by now.....always bring the truck when going to an antique faire. We had a full agenda for the day with no time to drive back to our home to get the truck. Well, where there's a Bill, there's a way. So here we were, riding down the freeway with two very large pillars sticking out of my car trunk. They were securely tied down, but still......all the way home I thought always bring the truck.

Now for the beginning. The beginning being last Friday. The beginning with no pictures. I took a soldering class with thirteen other ladies in the studio of Sally Jean Alexander!!! Sally Jean Alexander, the author of Pretty Little Things.....the Queen of Art Charms.....I know you know who I'm talking about!! She's listed over there to the left under Lovely Places to Shop. Yes, that Sally Jean!!

Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! You can't possibly know how nervous I was that morning. Me just being silly, I suppose. Once inside Sally Jean's studio I forgot all about being nervous. Just looking around her beautiful creamy white and robin egg blue studio put me right at ease. And Sally Jean herself? The most lovely person you'd ever want to meet. Truly. She was so gracious to open her studio and teach her craft to thirteen other women without a clue. The class was called "Soldering for Virgins". The nice thing one in the class had ever soldered before so we were all on even footing and worked about the same pace. There was no weird female competition!! Imagine!! It was just the best time!!!

So, there you have it. I am working.....really, I am!! I'm just working outside my own studio. Ahhhh...but wait till you see what I have coming in the next few weeks!!!! (Insert a big grin here!)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Vee said...

But....but....I just always figured ALL of the vendors only HAD pink and white booths!! Hahhahahahhaha.....

Aleta, you must be the greatest "faire -goer" I have ever encountered! Love it...tx for all the great pics.... and the fun times had by all!

Aleta said...

Ahhhh, but there are lots of antique faires around Oregon!!! Oh, and fabulous antique stores too!! Shhhhhhh. Don't tell a single soul. ;o)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Jill Bruce said...

I am so envious. I have Sally Jean's book. Bought it about a month ago - I am going to make ornaments for Christmas with old family photos. I am going to try learning to solder on my own. Sure would love to learn it from Sally Jean herself. Lucky you. And the faires that you get to go to are awesome. Lucky you again.


Folksie Linda said...

Hi Aleta, wow that must have been fun... just curious what will you do with the columns? You always get such neat stuff.. i love the flea marketing and antique shows as well. Hubby took me Sunday morning and I got a few things ..they are on my blog so you will have to take a peek! Oh I am glad you had fun..the class sounds great too! It's so much fun learning new things too! Hugs, Linda

Aleta said...

Hi Jill!
You will find soldering addictive once you get started!! It's not difficult. It just takes practice, practice, practice....and more practice! I'll post my first attempts a little later today. :o)

Antique faires. It seems we are chock full of them here in Oregon!! There's a good one this Saturday in Aurora. Willow Nest is the 18th. Oregon City antique faire is the following weekend and then there's one in Coburg the weekend after labor day......

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. Linda, I'm using the columns as architectural elements in my interior decorating. I'll take a picture once I have them placed somewhere.

Kim Basta said...

Oh my... that pink shelf is nothing short of gorgeous. I WANT it!

Jill Bruce said...

Wow Aleta - with all those faires it is no wonder that your closet is jammed with vintage childrens' clothing. I think I shall have to take a trip to Oregon. I am also anxious to see what you are going to do with the columns.


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

I would have nabbed that shelf as well Aleta. Stunning for sure! And I just can't get the picture of the car with the pillars of the back out of my head! That must have been a sight for sure!