Friday, April 20, 2007

Pile it on!

Why is it, when I have a full plate, I seem to think that I can pile on even more? Case in point. Since coming back from a weekend getaway....not even a REAL vacation....I have been insanely busy. I got a note in the mail reminding me of the Spring Social our Portland Paws chapter of Good Bears of the World (a charity organization I belong to) was hosting tomorrow. They were wondering if I had signed up to decorate a table. So, what do I do? I say, "If you don't have enough people to decorate, I'd be happy to decorate a table." WHAT WAS I THINKING? And, what do you suppose I did all afternoon? I ran around town finding table decorations, fresh flowers and party favors, OF COURSE!

I do love decorating. I do love parties. I admit it, I really was in my element. First, I went to my favorite antique market....Monticello....and picked up two white enamelware pieces. One is a bucket with wooden handle and red trim. The second piece is a child's chamber pot with the same red trim. Those pieces combined with a chippy white child's chair and a select few small bears and voila!.....Spring centerpiece!! Next on the list....a trip to Costco for three bunches of multi-color tulips to put in the enamalware bucket. Centerpiece complete. Whew! Next.

Serveware. No kitchen facilities. This requires paper plates. White=boring. A trip to Party City. Yellow tablecloth. Check. Pretty multi-color paper plates with flowers and butterflies. Check. Cups=Red. Check. Yellow napkins. Check. Oh, but wait! White doilies as placemats!! Pretty!! Double check! Good think'n Lincoln! Already have crystal/plastic forks, knives and spoons. Whew! Next.

Oh geeez. I'm down to party favors. Nothing weird and cheesy. Hmmmm. Ah-ha! Tar-jhay! Okay, Target. Browse, browse, browse. Perfect. Useful, cheerful, pretty. Done. (I bet you're dying to know, aren't you?) Ha! You'll have to wait until tomorrow!!

Did I mention that tomorrow is also a Barn Sale at Willow Nest? Willow Nest.....only one of my favorite places on the planet.....besides Monticello Antique Market. Early buy in is at 8am. I have time. The Spring Social doesn't start until 11am!! Hot diggety dog!!

Oh, and then there's dinner at Rick and Kacie's at 5pm. They have a 5 month old baby girl. An angel by the name of Lillian Grace. She truly is an angel! Yay! Baby time!! (sigh) I love babies!!! I'm still waiting to be a Nana. Hi Bee!!! (wink, wink) See previous post for clue as to who "Bee" is.

Now you have a clue as to how my mind works. I'm adult ADHD. Never a dull moment around here!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Melissa said...

Your table sounds fantabulous Aleta. Looking forward to seeing a piccy. fancy coming to aussie and doing my show table?? ; )

coleen said...

Hi Aleta,
I just stumbled upon your Blog...I am from Beaverton. I am always amazed when I come across artists from Portland area on the web! I create collectible faeries and elves...all cloth..with vintage touches and some collage stuff, too. I missed out ton the WillowsNest sale...guess I had better get on their email list...did you go? Was Martha from Vintage Trifles there? She does some amazing you do! Your bears are so adorable!