Monday, April 23, 2007

Barn Sale & Spring Social!

I'm two days behind...that seems to be the story these days! Oh, but what a glorious Saturday. Teddy bear friends, Willow Nest and baby time!! I'll start with the Barn Sale at Willow Nest.

When I started this Blog, I started with a post about Willow of my most favorite places. Now mind you, they are only open for select "events". This past Saturday was a Barn Sale. This is where many of the artists who show their wares throughout the year hold a SALE! Oh, the bargains to be had!! I walked away with two bags of lovelies. One of my favorite vendors is Martha Kohley, Vintage Trifles. She creates fabulous (and I mean FABULOUS!) mixed media art pieces. She had tatted laces, vintage millinery, a down filled pillow with MOP buttons and assorted other goodies for me in her booth! Heaven, just heaven! I'm going to post a link to the Willow Nest site over there to the left under lovely places to shop so you can be jealous and drool all over the eye candy in the pictures!

Moving along to the Spring Social now. Several times a year our teddy bear club, Portland Paws, gets together to raise money. The money goes to buy teddy bears for children in, shall we say, difficult situations. These get togethers are always so much fun!! Most everyone attending these get togethers are teddy bear collectors....both men and women! It's a perfect venue for showing off artist bears!! In my centerpeice I included one of my bears (of course!), a bear made by Shantell Whitney of Apple Dumpling Bears (another Oregon artist), and Diane Kennedy of Wee Scones, a UK artist.

I am now officially, and publicly, putting Shantell on notice that she needs to get
out in front of collectors with her bears.
There is a collector show coming up in October in Portland, Shantell!! It's only a little over an hours drive. You can do it!! The collectors LOVED Shantell's bear. She's the biggest one of the bunch in the little enamelware pot. Cute, isn't she?!!

And lastly, and most certainly ranking of most time with Lillian Grace. (sigh) A most beautiful 5 month bundle of love. I got to hold her most of the evening!! Oh, so precious is a wee one. I did realize, however, that I need to get my arms in better shape. Babies are heavy little creatures!! You can't just sling them over your shoulder like a cat. ha!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Melissa said...

Aleta...looks like you got some fantabulous purchases and your table looks so spring like and lovely. I am soooo jealous of those beautiful tulips. It's most definitely autumn here now.

Aleta said...

Hi Melissa! Thank you for leaving lovely little comments on my blog. I just figured out how to respond. Ding-a-ling me never thought to actually post on the comments myself. I thought there was a button I was missing on the control panel or something. Now don't anyone tell me there is or I'll just crawl under a rock and die! Heehee

Melissa, I always forget the seasons downunder are opposite of ours. I'm sure you must be having a lovely fall!! Bless your heart.

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Anonymous said...

Aleta - I am so jealous! Your treasures are wonderful and I went to the Willows Nest website and looked at the pictures. What a truly wonderful place!


Shantell said...

Dearest Aleta,

Well...I now know why you were so drawn to Max...kindred spirits :) :) Putting me on notice so publically, you! :) :) How's this for committment...I'll take it under advisement...HA HA HA No, really, seriously, I will consider it...promise...cross my crossables. It's wonderful of you to share that one of my little dumplings was so well received. Thank you so much!!!


Aleta said...

Hi Jill,
Oh, you would absolutely love Willow Nest!! During the summer months when they have the artists and dealers showing their wares outside, I can't get out of the car fast enough. It's glorious eye candy!! I might as well just hand the artists and dealers my pocketbook because they bring the most amazing treasures for me to buy!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. They even have early buy in hours for crazy people like me that will get up at the crack of dawn to be one of the first in line!

nimbleknot said...

This group is sooooo cute! The colors are fantastic!-Jennifer