Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life changes.

This photo, taken of one of my favorite old dolls, truly shows the sadness and scrapes and scuffs Bill and I have lived this past year. You may have noticed from spotty posts since April of last year that I really checked out for awhile. The economy and housing crash took it's toll and despite our best efforts to hold on to our beautiful home the time came to let it go when the banks wouldn't work with us. Being self-employed has it's upside and downside. Losing one's home can only really be understood by those who've experienced it themselves.
So, we have put on our best smiling faces and we're moving forward. There are boxes everywhere waiting to be moved. Packing my studio and Macey's room have proven to be the most difficult in different ways.

Speaking of Macey, our most precious granddaughter, here is the most recent picture taken of her. This move hasn't seemed to have fazed her a bit so far. I have to tell you, if not for being her caregiver Monday through Friday, there would be many days I would not have even gotten out of bed. Macey has been a blessing in so many ways no one could have ever imagined. Hard to believe, she'll be two in May!!

I'm sorry this has been a real downer of a post. It's reality though and I know there are many others out there feeling some of the same types of struggles. My heart goes out to those of you who are.

There are bright spots on the horizon for us. We've found a lovely house to lease not far from where we are now. We won't have a beautiful pool and acre of ground but we won't have the maintenance or cash outgo either. We are in the process of rebuilding our lives and ourselves....home will come. We're going to be fine. Better than fine actually. We've got each other, family and friends and health. We have everything!

Warmest bear hugs,