Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pink Wednesday and Weekend Finds!

Skipping in at the last minute to wish you a Happy Pink Wednesday! This photo was taken at Queen of Tarte's sale this past weekend. Perfect for a Pink Wednesday post!
Most of the pictures I took either had too much flash or not enough. Dang. I really need to read the instruction manual on my camera. Ho hum. Add it to the list. ;o) Anyway, the displays and merchandise were outstanding!! Cindy does it up with such panache!! Loved, loved, loved my visit! I missed all the actual goodies on sale. Dang again. However, Cindy has more events upcoming so make sure you check out her blog for a list of dates.

Here is the little stash of goodies I found over the weekend. There are two cotton velvet pincushions and an odd little doll leg pincushion. It was so odd, it called to me. I am a collector of the odd and unusual, shabby chippy and well loved. I also found a fabulous old sawdust stuffed French cow. One of my bears has already made dibbies on that little dear. Another bear has dibbies on the wonderful old toy spinning top. My bears get all the fun goodies!
Then there are the sweet little dresses and hats that smaller bears will wear soon. Oh, and I just couldn't pass up the Wonder Bubbles 29...Hey, where is the cents sign on this keyboard?!! Well, that would explain what's gone wrong with the world. We've all lost our good sense! *giggle*
And with that, pahdumdum..ching, I happily smile and wish you the happiest of Pink Wednesday's! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wish I'd have taken more pictures.

Barn House pre-set up in the driveway. Yes, I am one of those people who feels the need to pre design these things. A couple of reasons for this. A: I have control issues (Ha!) and B: Things run a lot more smoothly when I have three guys packing and then unloading the truck for set-up if they have a picture to go by. Men are generally goal oriented so I hand them a picture, they get it done, and then I fill in all the blanks. Works like a dream! Especially when temperatures were well into the nineties. I was in and out by 1:30pm!! Whohoo!
So, here is what we looked like on the morning of the Barn House flea market. One of our fabulous customers called our look European Beach Cottage. Hey! I like that!! Warm white with touches of soft pink, aqua and taupe. My personal favs!!

It was a great flea market!! Lots of people. Brisk sales!! Sadly though, I didn't get around to take pictures of many other vendor booths or even close ups of my own. What is with me these days?!! The pictures I was able take were out of focus. I really need to take the time to play around more with this new camera of mine.
There are two markets I hope to attend this weekend as a buyer. One I've not been to since opening: Land of Tarte. The other is a group of Sellwood retailers/Antique dealers getting together in the Coco and Toulouse Go Shopping parking lot in Sellwood right around the corner from Stars Antique Malls. Both markets are Saturday, I believe. I'll try, not only to take my camera, but take some pictures as well!! Cross your fingers!! ;o)
Warmest bear hugs from the chickiedoodle who missed yet another Pink Wednesday.......Aleta

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Pink Wednesday!!

Macey, my favorite sweet bundle of pink, and my beautiful daughter, Brittany.

Barn House madness! This picture was taken as we were pulling things out of the garage to decide what to take and what needed work. Only a week and a half left to go until the Barn House Flea Market. I'm soooo not ready yet. I still have a big French style cabinet to paint!! Oh, and pricing...lots and lots of pricing. Oiy.
On a brighter note, this is how the back garden addition is coming along! Hardy perennials like daylilies, carpet roses and sedum have been planted and the Passion Flower vines are up and growing nicely. It will take a couple of years for everything to fill in. Waiting for it to happen is the hardest part!!

A couple of blooms to leave you with today. Sunsprite, my favorite rose. It's scent is absolutely delicious, blooms profusely through the summer and it's virtually disease free in my climate. Love it!!!

And finally, another bit of pink. A lovely pink dahlia! I've never dug up this dahlia and wintered it over in the garage. It's a dahlia that was planted the year of my daughter's wedding and the only one to reappear year after year. Obviously it likes where it's planted so I'm not touching it. Each year I'm reminded of such a gloriously happy time for our family with each bright pink, and yellow bloom, in my garden. Life is grand!!
The happiest of Pink Wednesday's to you!! Aleta

Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekend Art Classes with Lisa Kaus!

Gosh, I think when I last posted I was preparing for my sister's visit and a weekend full of art classes with Lisa Kaus! That was a couple of weeks ago!! Where does the time go? I used to be so faithful about blogging and my Pink Wednesday's. Once again, too much on my plate and a summer full of family and friends. Oh, and then there's preparing for Barn House! That's the next post! Or, perhaps the one after that. I have some catching up to do.....
These are my finished projects. Yes, I actually finished each project in each class. Don't fall out of your chair now. It was my sister's doing really. She challenged me to finish each day. Sometimes I need to be challenged....sometimes I just need a good swift kick in the behind! Ha!
I think the above piece is my favorite. I love the soft watercolor effect I achieved. I'm just not a bold color person. That is left for my sister, Michelle.
This is the culmination of our artful weekend with Lisa. Michelle's beautiful work is on the left....see....bold color. Mine....quiet color on the right. We are the same, only different. ;o)

Well then, I'm off to paint furniture for Barn House. Warm white is the color of the day!!

Warmest bear hugs on a stunningly beautiful (and oh boy is it gonna be a hot one!) day in Portland, Aleta