Saturday, September 19, 2009

A costume for Miss Manny.

The picture on the costume bag looked fabulous. Got it home...tried it on...not so fabulous....gave it to Miss Manny. She loves it!! Good for her. One less naked manny in the house for Halloween. *wink*
Decorating for Halloween has begun in earnest at our home. I'm really into Halloween decor. Not the gorey stuff....eeewwww. I like artsy things, funky things and gothic things. I look year round for interesting things to add to my collection. Aren't these old Rx canisters kinda cool? Old books are fun to look for too. A month or so ago I found Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde as well as The Postman always Rings an orange and black book binding no less.

Skulls, ginormous spiders and black glittered pumpkins are new additions this year. Oooooh....It's going to be a spooky good time!! Now, where am I going to put that 8 ft. bat this year? Hmmmmmm.
Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Nancy said...

Hi Aleta...
Oh, I love the dress...she looks lovely for her Halloween debut!

Isn't this time of year grand?!

Have a great day,
Hugs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hello Aleta, I have one of your halloween bears(so cute) I just love halloween, I decorate like crazy. My nickname is mawitch given (in love) by my stepdaughter. She says stepmoms are wicked aren't they? Have a spooky good time, Lynn a.k.a. mawitch