Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sooo many projects!

It's a sickness of mine...over commiting myself. Trying to do it all. I like to do it all!! There just don't seem to be enough hours or days to do it all. That's when I fall behind.

There is also the "one thing leads to another" stuff. Take for example, the display window at Monticello. Remember me painting the guestroom brown? Well, I'm into painting everything brown now. When the display window at Monti's was emptied I realized that the walls were red and green. ACK! So, I asked if I could paint them....brown. ;) They said okay. And hey, I'm off on another project!! You see how this goes. I get a hairbrained idea and I'm off like a shot.
So, this is what kept me busy last week. Painting and decorating the window at Monticello. Brown and taupe and shades of white and a dash of aqua. Soothing and fresh! It's Easter updated!
Let's see, what else have I been doing that's kept me away? Oh, I had that artistic walls painting class! I'll have to shoot pictures of my samples. That was FUN! Bill's office walls will receive a transformation this summer for sure! One of the techniques could easily pass for actual wall art on canvas. I'm really itching to try it!
Right now I'm knee deep into cleaning and reorganizing my studio. Oiy! It's really quite overwhelming. This chickiedoodle has amassed one ginormous amount of way too much.
You're kind of caught up now. And, I'm still behind. That's okay though. It's better that I'm busy rather than obsessing over sweet baby and how many more days till she gets here. Soon, very soon!
A delightful Pink Wednesday to you....even if there wasn't a pink thing to be found in any of my pictures! Warmest bear hugs, Aleta
P.S. It makes me crazy that Blogger messes up my paragraphs and jams them all together!! Oh well. It is, what it is. ;o)


The White Bench said...

I love your brown and aqua, Aleta!
Thanks a lot for your warm thought yesterday, I appreciated from the heart!

Brenda said...

Oh goodie, you're back! I've really missed your posts. I know you must be frantic with things to do and baby almost here, but don't forget us ;)



laurie - magpie ethel said...

I was just at Monticello yesterday and complimented Kelly on how nice the window looked. Great job...i didn't realize you had done it. Really looked nice and fresh!

Tami Eveslage said...

He he! I recall not so very long ago you replied sweetly to my "A Little Behind" post on my blog! Of course I know how you feel, but look at the lovely things you have done! You have beautiful style, and you blog is always eye candy for me. Focus on the sweet baby on the way and hang in there!

Naija said...


so many things so little time :0
you better take it easy and realx too or you will get burned out..believe me its no funny at all I have been there..

Adrienne said...

Hi Aleta - I've missed you! So glad to hear what you've been up to. I wanted to stop at Monticello so badly last Monday when I passed nearby on the freeway. I had a meeting toward Gresham and I would have stopped in a minute but I had a rider with me. A man who probably wouldn't have enjoyed Monty's as much as I do! I love the photos of your window display. Need to get up there soon.

Karen said...

What is the color that you are using? Brand, name? Just bought a summer house at Hoodsport and am trying to find a brown to go with a huge stone fireplace. Have never used brown and am getting adventurous!
Karen Cook

Sarah said...

Gorgeous colourways! Yummy!

Don't overstretch yourself.

Blogger sometimes does this to me with my paragraphs. If you click on HTML when you are doing your typing, all the HTML for your post will come up. Then where you want your paragraph break to be type in
then where you want it to end type Hope this makes sense!

Hugs, Sarah x

Sarah said...

Oh heck! My previous comment didn't show the code you needed to put in, silly me! It thought I wanted to put the breaks in my comment. Which it has!

I will have to email you it. If I remember ;)

Hugs, Sarah x

Theresa said...

The pictures are wonderful... all those creams. You make me wish I lived closer so I could see Monticello's new window front. You did a fantastic job.



Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

I thought we'd lost you to facebook! LOL. I still like blogging better :)

Love all your ivory tones and browns. Gorgeous! Karen

Artsy Fartsy said...

Love love love the brown!! It all looks so fabulous!! Many Blessings, Janna

Nancy said...

Hi Aleta...You have been a busy bee lately! Love your new soothing. Don't do too are going all of your energy for your little one when she arrives!

Have a very happy Easter weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Wanda said...

The brown and aqua are such agreabel colors together. I love the front window at Monti's, It is always the first I look at.

Barn House said...

The display window looks great! Our best to you, Bill and the rest of the familia! Happy belated Easter.

Sammy Girl said...

Hey "chickiedoodle"! I LOVE that word ... and it fits you! Your touch with the brown and aqua is FAB! Not to worry about no pink ... if you miss it, just drop by my blog for a "fix" lol!
Keep breathing!
Betty :)

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