Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A random act of kindness from a friend.

Happy Pink Wednesday!! I want to share with you something that was done for me completely out of the blue the other day. I'm telling you, when I received this banner I burst into tears. It may seem like a small thing to those of you techno savvy lovelies out there, but to me, this is a big thing. A very big thing.

There are times when you need to have things like banners and the like in order to link with other sites. I do not know, nor do I have the time to learn, yet another, computer skill. I'm pretty basic. I know how to right click and save, how to download and upload (or is it upload and download?) and simple things of that nature on the computer. However, even these simple tasks required writing down instructions, referring to them several times over before they stick in my head, and keeping them in a file so I can refer to them in case of a mini-meltdown of memory. I know you know what I'm talking about. ;o)

Anyway, my friend Brenda Power, sent me an e-note the other day and enclosed in it was this beautiful banner. As well as making the most exquisite pint size Steiff looking bears and bunnies, Brenda likes to fiddle with Photoshop. Lucky for me!!! Well, I must have made a comment about trying to make a banner out of one of my photos or something in order to sign onto the 100 Best Bear Artist Blog Sites. Maybe Brenda thought, "Oh dear no, that will never do!" or something to that effect, but bless her heart, she designed one for me and sent it out of the blue. Note the pink background?!! Only my favorite color!! And, she included some of my best dressed bears including my 2007 TOBY winning bear. Bless you a zillion times over, Brenda. You are a dear, dear heart, a kindred spirit and a most treasured friend. Thank you.

Warmest Pink Wednesday bear hugs, Aleta