Saturday, January 10, 2009

The crib is finally here!

It finally arrived! The crib for Nana's nursery! I thought it was hard to keep focused on work before. Sheesh. Now all I want to do is start getting the nursery put together!
The boys, my son Justin (Have I mentioned he's single?) and my son-in-law, Jeremy (daddy to sweet baby) helped put the crib together. Actually, they pretty much put it together while I tried to read the instructions and ultimately ended up just holding parts steady. Ha!

So, here are the colors I'm working with. Shades of pink (who would have guessed?), lime green and white. With this color palette I can keep the walls the pink color they are. One less thing to do! This palette also works with the pieces of vintage Beatrix Potter I have. I found, in my stack of old bed linens, a fabulous old sheet with just the right color bright pink roses with lime green stems. It will be perfect for a crib petticoat! I'm hoping to find a crib bumper in the pink and white check fabric because a. that material shown in the picture above is supposed to be for another project and b. it would be another project to add to the list. Although, I did find a pattern for a really darling bumper with a scalloped top. So, so cute!! We'll see.

This brings me to another project that will need to be finished before baby arrives. Painting the dressers. These dressers were Brittany's when she was a little girl. Yes, we have carted them from house to house because Brittany wanted to keep them for her babies someday. Now that she's having a baby, she's decided she doesn't want them. WHAT?! Are you kidding me? (sigh) Okay then. They're mine to do with what I want. So, I'm going to paint them a soft white and put glass knobs on them. Ha. Mine now.
Actually, my children seem to have an aversion to any decorating style they grew up with. I call it Shabby Chippy. Justin calls it Old and Busted. Brittany used to have a Shabby Bohemian style....until she met Jeremy. Now they've all turned into modern Pottery Barnites. A rebellious lot they are!! Ha!
Make it a fabulous day!! Warmest Saturday bear hugs, Aleta


Adrienne said...

What a fabulous crib for a special little princess! I can't wait to see everything put together - but even more, I can't wait to see the little lady herself. ~Adrienne~

The White Bench said...

Gorgeous gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations!
...Shabby white?? Glass knobs?? We surely are kindred spirits, Aleta!!!! I'm going to do this 'treatment' to a chest of drawers (my Spring Makeover!)- Have a look to my Before and After Projects when you have time (Jan, 11th)!
Hugs hugs,
Monica x.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

That crib is beautiful! I have two boys so I will have to check in every so often to get my girl decorating fix:)

Have a great weel Aleta!

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Aleta, I love the raised work on that crib! Gorgeous. It already looks wonderful :) That will be one lucky little girl.

Karen xoxox

Sarah said...

I love the colours! What you call Cribs we call Cots over here in the UK. I can't decide which I prefer!

I love the different variations your children have for your Shabby Chippy!

If I were Brittany, I'd be wanting those drawers back once they've had their makeover! I bet they are going to look gorgeous.

Hugs, Sarah x

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Hi Aleta, I am bestowing to you the Lemonade Stand Award for your positive attitude about your work, family and life in general! See my post today for details! Hope to see you soon, M.

Diane Duda said...

so exciting!!!

Barbette said...

Oh Aleta, the same colors were for my granddaughter (the green and white was a damask looking fabric frogs!). I was set to make a pink and white check bumper when I found one at Pottery Barn for babies! I don't know if they still carry them because mine was on sale for only $7.99!

Ellen said...

Ooh, lovely, Aleta!!! Can't wait to see the finished dressers, too.



OOAK babies by Mina said...

I LOVE the crib!
BTW I have a beautiful 23 year old sister..who is single, lol. How old is your Justin? ;)