Monday, August 4, 2008

The move to Monticello Antique Market!!

Look what Bill and I did yesterday!! We opened our booth space at Monticello Antique Market!! YAY!! We arrived late in the afternoon and two hours later we were set!
A special thank you to Sue and Joe for leaving the fabric on the walls for us. It was a huge time saver! And even works beautifully!!

A few of my favorite things. Shades of white and luscious cream, old leather books, ironstone, beautiful frames, pristine tablecovers with sumptuous wide lace trim and fancy gold mirrors. Yum!
More favorite things! Bill's knob racks and birdhouses. A wonderful way to repurpose antique door knobs, striker plates, old door lentils and picture frames that have seen better days.
And then there's Lucy the iron chicken!

I'll be adding a few more things tomorrow. I forgot to grab the ivy topiary on my way out the door yesterday. It was supposed to be the centerpiece and a touch of something living to soften everything. Oh well. (Insert squishy face here.)

Today though, I'm working on getting bears packaged and ready to go to the post. Then it's up to the studio to try to sew up a couple of pillow slips. All of my old linen pillow slips sold lickety split at the Barn House Flea Market. That was another YAY! moment! I love YAY! moments, don't you?!! Okay then, off I go.....

Warmest Monday bear hugs!! Aleta


flutterbygirls said...

i'm so sad that i was not able to make it to Mt pleasant...too many prior engagements this year. but you've done a marvelous job @ Monticello!
I'm interested in the farm table, could you send a price?

ACottageIndustry said...

Absolutley charming! Can you share with me how much the tricycle is?????

Aleta said...

Hi Kim and Tracey!
I hit the Reply button in my e-mail but I don't know if doing that actually sends the message back to you or not. For all I know, it ends up in outer-outer space. So, publicly, the price for the fabulous French Farm Table is $795. and the darling Chippy White Tricycle is $125. The table is 7 ft. long and the old farm table of the time are. The tricycle has a slightly bent front tire so it's best used for displaying a teddy bear or bunny!

Thank you girlies for your inquiries!!

Warmest bear hugs on a hot summer afternoon! Aleta (Although, both you girlies probably have hotter temps than we do right about now!) Hot, hot, hot!!

Nancy said...

Oh Aleta...everything looks so inviting. I know you will do well! You and Bill have a beautiful display. You choose (and make) such lovely items. The birdhouses are charming. I have a collection of houses here...they add a little whimsy to any decor, I think.

You are surprised Aleta that your beautiful linens sold?! You will have many more YAY! moments!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

cindy said...

Love your booth space...looks fab! Wish you were closer! :D


Adrienne said...

Oooh, I'm kicking myself that I didn't stop at Monticello today when I was nearby. I was on my way home from a very early meeting in Gresham and my car just wanted to keep going! I love your booth and can't wait to stop in again soon and see what you have to capture my eye. Best wishes on this new venture. I know you will do well there.

Barn House said...

WOW Aleta! The space looks gorgeous!! Congratulations, we wish you the will do fantastic at Monticello!! Love the farm table...and will have to save up our coins (hard to do with Joe spending every dime)! :o) Hope to see you soon!!!

J & J

My Shabby Roses said...

Aleta, everything looks great. I was there when you were setting up on Sunday. I'm sure you will do real well.

Brenda said...

Your booth looks so inviting - wish I could see it in person. I love the table. Have fun with this new venture.



Anonymous said...

Hi Aleta , You're so welcome about the fabric - it does work great! So I started a blog today - I added you as a blog to visit. Here's my new blog address -
I need lots of tips so feel free to share with me. Thanks! Sue