Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life changes.

This photo, taken of one of my favorite old dolls, truly shows the sadness and scrapes and scuffs Bill and I have lived this past year. You may have noticed from spotty posts since April of last year that I really checked out for awhile. The economy and housing crash took it's toll and despite our best efforts to hold on to our beautiful home the time came to let it go when the banks wouldn't work with us. Being self-employed has it's upside and downside. Losing one's home can only really be understood by those who've experienced it themselves.
So, we have put on our best smiling faces and we're moving forward. There are boxes everywhere waiting to be moved. Packing my studio and Macey's room have proven to be the most difficult in different ways.

Speaking of Macey, our most precious granddaughter, here is the most recent picture taken of her. This move hasn't seemed to have fazed her a bit so far. I have to tell you, if not for being her caregiver Monday through Friday, there would be many days I would not have even gotten out of bed. Macey has been a blessing in so many ways no one could have ever imagined. Hard to believe, she'll be two in May!!

I'm sorry this has been a real downer of a post. It's reality though and I know there are many others out there feeling some of the same types of struggles. My heart goes out to those of you who are.

There are bright spots on the horizon for us. We've found a lovely house to lease not far from where we are now. We won't have a beautiful pool and acre of ground but we won't have the maintenance or cash outgo either. We are in the process of rebuilding our lives and ourselves....home will come. We're going to be fine. Better than fine actually. We've got each other, family and friends and health. We have everything!

Warmest bear hugs,


Amanda said...

I bet this was a hard post to write but shows whats important, family.

I hope now all the uncertainty is over you can relax in your new home. Hope the move goes well.

Monticello Staff said...

Dear Aleta & Billy,

Most importantly, like you said, you have each other. Good things happen to good people and you are
G O O D people with big hearts. Think about the fun its going to be decorating the new digs! New beginnings for a new year is a good thing.

Hugs, Joyce

Megan Chamberlain said...

I am so sorry that the past year has been such turmoil for you. After years of owning our own home (or paying the bank for it) we have been renting for two years now and I think will be for a long time. So I know how you feel.
Change is hard but challenges bring new discoveries and joys and you have a family to help you get through anything.
I will be thinking about you and hope that your move goes well and life will get better.

Melanie Clark said...

Thinking of you Aleta.
You guys have been in my thoughts daily. I know things will get better and when you have a wonderful family it makes all the difference.
Sending lots of love and hugs,

Adrienne said...

Oh, my friend -
I have prayed for you so much through this last year. I have been there and I DO understand! Believe me, there is life ahead of you. We thought the sun would never shine again and it did - and we came up for air. We are so blessed and yet we never take anything for granted. Wish we could meet at Monti's for a cuppa something and a good chat. Maybe someday if you have time, let's do it. I have lots of hugs to share!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You could actually be a writer to. I wish the out come was better for you guys, we all tried, but as Daddy looked down on us, you knew he was saying to stop, step back, a take a breather. You have all our love and support in Everything and Anything you do. We couldn't have asked for a better brother and xoxxoxoxox Hawaii is calling us! Love kim & dave

Florence said...

My heart goes out to you, I know the feeling well, over 20 years ago we lost our home, and had to start over, we were fortunate to find a house to lease, soon we were able to buy it directly from the owners, our new beginning. Hold on to the little who brings you such joy and hold onto each other. Florence

Anonymous said...

Oh Aleta, this must have been so hard for you. My heart goes out to you. I hope the turmoil will end soon and that you will have the chance to let it all sink in and go ahead one day at a time again. I have missed your posts and hope to see more of them again. Many big hugs, Ellen

Katy Cameron said...

Big (((((HUGS))))) Glad you were able to find something nearby, hope the new home turns out wonderfully for you

Brenda said...

Aleta, you have the most incredible spirit and even though this year has been your most difficult one, I know your optimism and enthusiasm for life will continue to shine through - it's who you are. You know what's most important and with your wonderful family, you can conquer anything. (((Hugs))) to you, ,y friend! ♥

Brenda x

Southern Bears said...

A house is a house but a home is where your family is, where love is and that can be anywhere. Good luck with the re-building process, there may be many fabulous surprises in store yet!

Pat xx

Monica@The White Bench said...

Dear Aleta,
my heart goes out to you in this very moment.
I too will be leaving my own home in a month, and will be renting. This is the very first time in all my life...
Sending warm hugs,
Monica xoxo

Hanni said...

So sorry to hear about all these changes in your life, one door is closing and another one is opening up, I do hope all for the best. Hang in there, times will get better, as long as you have your health and your family, everything should be good.I am going through changes myself, my husband is employed with Horizon Air, the Alaska Air Group who decided last year in August to do away with everyone, so it is just a matter of time when we are out of work and everything else. So sad, I feel with you. All the best.

Aleta said...

Bless each and every one of you. From the edges of my being....thank you. You lift me up with your kindness and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. xoxo Aleta

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Aleta,

So sorry sweet friend and just want to send my love and good wishes your way.
You have a beautiful family and know that is what is all important in life.
How adorable Macey is and you must be so proud of your sweet granddaughter.

Warmest hugs to you

Sarah said...

You are in my thoughts and in my heart Aleta.

All will be fine, I can feel it in my bones!

Heartiest of hugs, Sarah x

Ginie-Lee said...

So sorry to hear your news, it must have been a really difficult year for you. My family home was repossessed when I was a teenager, so I know how you feel.
I wish you all the best in the new house and my little bear which you so kindly sent me in one of your giveaways sends lots of hugs :-)

Warmest wishes for you and your family,

Ginie Lee

Tracey said...

Misery loves company, sweetie. There are MANY of us on the same road you're on, and we're all gonna be okay. Hang in there. You're right, you have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is health, family and wonderful friends!

Nancy said...

Oh Aleta...I am so very sorry this has happened to your family. Your artistic talent will help you make your new house a home in no time.
And you are right...everything you really need is with you and supporting you.
My best to you and your family going forward.
Hugs, Nancy

Theresa said...

Oh.... Aleta I'm so sorry!!! You guys worked so hard on that house. I'm glad your looking at the positive side because your so, friends, and health are really what matters. Sending big bear hugs to you.

Jill said...


I am grateful that you have posted as I have always read your blog and visited you website. I was truly worried about what was happening. As sad as this is, it will be okay - different than you imagined, but still okay. You will transform your rental into a home with your own things and your creativity for as long as you need to stay there. As someone else previously commented about doors closing and doors opening - it is so true. So many of our lives have been altered by this economy. My prayers are with you and everyone else in this situation. Macey is just darling. You have what really matters. I truly hope I will be seeing your bears in the future. With your stash, you could probably make a bunch without needing to spend one cent.
Hugs to you and your family,

Jennifer said...

I know how you have been feeling. Things have been difficult all around.

Bec said...

Check out my blog as I have an award for you because I love your blog & your bears!
bearHugs, Bec

gail said...

Hi, I truly understand what your family is going through. I myself and so many people I know have been through the same thing as of late. Its always nice to know there are others going through the same, and it is truly better in the end:)

Have a great week and enjoy what the future has for you!

Whispering Hills Studio said...

Oh you can't imagine the emotions when I read your post! Your story is an exact copy of mine! We had a family business that couldn't hang on and we lost everything including our beautiful home we lived in for over 25 years. To top it off we lived next door to my folks and my mother was terminally ill. It's been a tuff few years but we're hanging on. I wish you the best! I truly know what you've been going thru!!


Aleta said...

If I knew how to leave hearts like on Facebook I surely would. It's been a roller coaster still. I know there are so many out there still on the down hill swing and I know we're not all screaming wheeeee! Just screaming. Hopefully things will turn around for all of us soon. xoxo Aleta