Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A wee sneak peek!

This wee handful of bears will be listed over the coming weeks!! Oh, there are more too! I've been a very busy chickiedoodle.....

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


Theresa said...

Aleta... all the bears are lovely. You have been a very busy girl indeed. I really love the second one in from the left. She looks like she's a peach color...very sweet. Maybe she should come live with me. :)



Nancy said...

Oh Aleta...Love their little faces...so darling.
You have been a busy gal!

By the way...the pics of little Macy at Christmas are just precious. What a little doll she is...so very sweet.

Take care,
Hugs, Nancy

Doreen said...

Oh Aleta..what dear sweet faces they have!!! I especially love the sweet tiny one with the blue ribbon..:)

Precious..all of them!


Sarah said...

Awwwww, the little white one.....! All precious little lovelies.

Hugs, Sarah x

Brenda said...

Aleta, the tiny white one is my favourite! Can't wait to see more pics!



pussman said...

a sweet bunch of bears!!
Good luck with your listing!!