Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wish I'd have taken more pictures.

Barn House pre-set up in the driveway. Yes, I am one of those people who feels the need to pre design these things. A couple of reasons for this. A: I have control issues (Ha!) and B: Things run a lot more smoothly when I have three guys packing and then unloading the truck for set-up if they have a picture to go by. Men are generally goal oriented so I hand them a picture, they get it done, and then I fill in all the blanks. Works like a dream! Especially when temperatures were well into the nineties. I was in and out by 1:30pm!! Whohoo!
So, here is what we looked like on the morning of the Barn House flea market. One of our fabulous customers called our look European Beach Cottage. Hey! I like that!! Warm white with touches of soft pink, aqua and taupe. My personal favs!!

It was a great flea market!! Lots of people. Brisk sales!! Sadly though, I didn't get around to take pictures of many other vendor booths or even close ups of my own. What is with me these days?!! The pictures I was able take were out of focus. I really need to take the time to play around more with this new camera of mine.
There are two markets I hope to attend this weekend as a buyer. One I've not been to since opening: Land of Tarte. The other is a group of Sellwood retailers/Antique dealers getting together in the Coco and Toulouse Go Shopping parking lot in Sellwood right around the corner from Stars Antique Malls. Both markets are Saturday, I believe. I'll try, not only to take my camera, but take some pictures as well!! Cross your fingers!! ;o)
Warmest bear hugs from the chickiedoodle who missed yet another Pink Wednesday.......Aleta



Thank you so much for being such a great neighbor vendor at the BH Flea.
I didn't get to shop at all;- to hard to focus on "me" when doing such a high maintenance sale!
If your big cabinet didn't sell, hopefully it goes to Monticello, because there I can browse & shop to my heart delight!
Thanks again for providing tents & letting me buy one!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I really like that European Beach Cottage look of yours. What a wonderful booth!

Kathrine said...

ohh you are the one with that white glass door cabinet!

Did it sell? I loved the other solid door armoire as well.

Aimee said...

I see so many things I would have bought!!!

Great stuff.

Have a great weekend,

Sammy Girl said...

Aleta --

So great to see you at BH. My sister is looking forward to working on her crazy quilting with a few of the goodies from you. I won't see you tomorrow -- have another class with Lisa. Have fun!
Betty :)

Auntie Joy said...

I have the best pictures of you and Bill and of you and your sister, I will send them to you if you send me your email.

Barn House said...

Hey Aleta! It was great having you and Bill at the show. I am finally feeling like I am getting my head screwed back on tightly. I know you and the family are enjoying that big pool during this crazy heat wave...this weather is something else!

pussman said...

Ooh I love that pink shelf.
That would be good to display my bears on my first bear fare soon! :)