Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Happy Pink Wednesday!! Remember in my last post I talked about kicking our feet up for awhile? Well, that went by the wayside zippity quick!! It's been full speed ahead!!

For starters we're still trying to fit all the furniture from Flourishes and Mt. Pleasant into this house. This is proving to be a monumental task! A cartoon image runs through my dreams of a house bursting at the seams with furniture...finally exploding and sending Minnie and Mickey flying into the pool! ACK!! Keeping this in mind, Sunday, Bill and I went junking. Go ahead, hand us the idiot stick! But hey now...we found great stuff!! .....a fabulous old pine farm table, a sofa table and a wonderfully large french country plate rack. Not to worry, they can all stack on top of each other. Too the rafters.....and beyond!! Ha!

So, here it is, Pink Wednesday and I still haven't been in the studio much. Oh wait! I did put the finishing touches on a couple of little bears. I should list those! No time today. My mom is coming over from Bend for more testing at OHSU. You know what that means? That's right.....time to clean house!! Oh my goodness. You should see my list of things to do!!

I'd better get after it. Make it a fabulous Pink Wednesday!!!

Warmest bear hugs,

P.S. The photo is of the newest image I made into a card. Sweet! I titled it Twirl. It's my new fav!! Okay, see ya bye.


Adrienne said...

What fun you must be having trying to squeeze two homes into one! I love that card. It's gorgeous! I thought of you today when I stopped by Monticello on my way home from taking family to the airport. I can't wait until you're there. Sounds you found some great things this weekend.

Bumpkin Bears said...

good luck fitting it all in Aleta! I'm sure it will be fine as long as you don't block up the doorways so you can get out ;) Seriously though I really wish you lots of luck back home and great to see the Barn House was such a success, it looked beautiful :) Hugs, Catherine x

Brittany said...

You have such an active imagination! I can actually picture all of the furniture bursting into the pool! Too funny!

Love, Britt