Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Truly Silly and even Sillier!

It's late afternoon, really almost evening, but I made it! I'm posting a picture of two special bears I've just finished. By just finished, I do mean JUST FINISHED. Whew! The Truly Silly bear on the right is the 7th Year Celebration Giveaway bear. YAY!! Pink and white and aqua...simply divine....and soooo what my eye seems to be drawn toward these days!! This Truly Silly wears a paper hat and a vintage pinback with a cake and the words Happy Birthday to You. Perfect!!

Now about that little guy on the left. Oiy!! He's a hard one to photograph! This is actually the best picture so far after two sessions. He's a Truly Silly too. Sillier in fact! He's the smallest Truly Silly to date and he may just be the last!! He won't sit still...insisting on falling backwards and rolling around on the studio table!! The problem is, this little guy is suppose to go up for auction on Friday. He's my donation to Alex's Lemonade Stand, to help with the fight against childhood cancer. I'll post a link to the auction on Friday. Pssst.....I still have to figure out how to do it!! Double oiy!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

P.S. Don't forget: To win the giveaway bear you need to post a note on my August 31st entry. I know that some of you wish to remain anonymous (Hi Mom!) but I do need some sort of identifier in your post like your initials or something. I've also had a few people contact me who read my blog and would prefer not to sign up with Blogger. Contact me through my website if you'd rather remain under the radar. It's a celebration of bears and a giveaway and I really don't want to leave anyone out that would like to participate. Hugs! A


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

What an adorable Lemonade Bear! Gorgeous Aleta - he'll go fast!!!

Tammy W said...

They are both adorable Aleta. I'm sure the lemonade auction will go well for you . The winner of the celebration bear will be over the moon too. Just beautiful !

draffinbears said...

Truly darling new Silly Bears, Aleta.


Brenda said...

OMGosh, they are adorable, Aleta! I'm going to cross my fingers - I've always wanted a Silly Bear!!!!



grace said...

aww such cute bears, the little guy is soooo adorable :)

theresa said...

What a bunch of darlings those two are... sweet faces too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aleta,
The bears are beautiful. I will be bidding for the cutey you are donating. What a wonderful to use your talents. Bless you.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Folksie Linda said...

Adorable bears Aleta!! I love the silliest one the best! Great Job and such a good cause! Hugs, Folksie Linda